SwiftKey 4 landed in the Google Play Store back in late-February. That arrival had marked the end of a several month beta period. But perhaps more important for today — the SwiftKey app has recently been updated. This update is not what we would describe as major, however it does have plenty of fixes. SwiftKey is now sitting at version 4.0.1 and it remains priced at $3.99.

As for what has changed, been added or fixed. The one improvement is a welcomed one — the changelog notes an improved prediction quality. Moving over to the changes and we have some that will probably be more important depending on which language you are using and which handset you are using. Of course, there are also some general fixes such as the issue where the keyboard was sticking on the initial caps.

Other fixes include the issue with the question mark being unreachable, the @ sign will now appear directly above the A on a long press and a “number” of crashes in the installer. Some of the device specifics include Flow trail problems on the HTC One, issues with the HTC One stock mail app and the HTC One Notes app. Those with a Samsung device should also notice a less jumpy cursor while in the calculator.

Otherwise, the comma has been fixed in Arabic, the locations of the Turkish “i” have been swapped and the French “guillemet” has been added to secondary characters. All said and done, like we said, not a major update but still one that should be welcomed. Especially if you had been dealing with any of these quirks. Plus, the improved predictions should be good for all.

[via SwiftKey]