The time has finally come and the SwiftKey Flow keyboard is now available to all. The extremely popular 3rd party keyboard for Android has been in a limited beta for a few months, and today SwiftKey has announced that Flow is finally ready for prime time. Only they’ve dropped the ‘Flow’ from the name and have added it as an optional feature to the keyboard. Today’s the official launch of SwiftKey 4.

We’re big fans of SwiftKey here at Android Community, and have been since the beginning. It’s still the number one 3rd party keyboard for Android due to all the features, next-word prediction, and unparalleled prediction engine just to name a few. Add on the fact that they now have the most accurate gesture based typing experience on top off all those features — this is truly the most versatile and complete keyboard experience available to Android. For an idea check out our initial Flow fingers-on.

Flow was released back in December and has been in beta ever since. Today they’ve finally released it to the Play Store, and it should be available shortly. Just as an FYI, it will simply be called “SwiftKey” in the Play Store, and not SwiftKey 4. Everything we love about this keyboard is still in-tact, and they’ve even added more themes, additional colors, and now support for over 60 languages. Something no other keyboard can claim. Take a peek at their newly released video below.

With the all new SwiftKey 4 there’s not too many new features, aside from Flow, but they’ve integrated the gesture typing into everything we already love. For those that are familiar with the keyboard, their “rapid or precise” typing style option is no longer available, and the keyboard will learn from you as you go. SwiftKey will learn when you’re rapidly typing to be more accurate and predict current words. Or recognize when you’re typing in a more precise manor and focus on next-word prediction. This blends all the styles into one, and you can even rapidly switch from hunt and peck to flowing and it will still give you that experience we all love and expect. Here’s what’s new specifically to SwiftKey 4:

– SwiftKey Flow: blending SwiftKey’s mind-reading next-word prediction and autocorrect with the speed of gesture typing
– Flow Through Space: lets users write entire sentences in one motion without ever having to lift their finger to add a space
– Support for contextual prediction across 60 languages: with new support for Albanian, Bosnian, Javanese, Sundanese, Thai and Vietnamese, all with dynamic auto-correction and next word prediction
– Easier corrections: tap on a word and SwiftKey 4 will move the cursor to the end of the word and offer two alternatives
– Personalized typing style: whether you write inaccurately with two thumbs or more carefully using a single finger, SwiftKey 4 now automatically adapts to how users type to provide more insightful corrections and prediction

Today they are happy to announce more than 200,000 users participated in the BETA, making SwiftKey 4 their most popular and highly anticipated release to date. As usual, those who’ve already purchased SwiftKey will have a free update in the Play Store. For those who’ve not tried the next-gen keyboard, it’s available for a limited time on sale for just $1.99 but that price won’t last long. Get it from the link below and get to flowing!

SwiftKey Phone [Free version]
SwiftKey Tablet [Free version]