Less than a month ago, we were able to get a glimpse of the SwiftKey 6.0 Beta complete with new settings and an improved emoji panel. Today, the team has finally pushed the official update for everyone on the Google Play Store. This means when you check on the download link, you’ll see the latest version ready.

The newest SwiftKey version features Double-Word Prediction. Instead of just one word prediction, the keyboard app will suggest two words or a phrase that you would probably type. This makes typing even faster. The Settings menu was also overhauled so you can easily customize your keyboard according to how use it.

SwiftKey 6.0 is also now available in five new languages that we actually don’t where they are used: Igbo, Yoruba, Zulu, Breton, and Xhosa. Not included in the beta version are some new theme packs. That’s more aside from the Carbon Light theme that is very Material Design. You can try SwiftKey’s very own Megapack theme.

The emoji panel was updated so you can easily select the emojis you frequently use. Using the ‘123’ key that was also moved to the left of the keyboard, the emoji panel will pop up when you longpress it. To switch between emojis, simply swipe left or right.

As with most updates, several improvements and fixes were made including text duplication in Chrome or apps, that jumpy cursor, swipe-to-delete consistency on Samsung devices, some capitalized words not being added to your language model, and prediction when tagging or checking into Facebook.

Download SwiftKey 6.0 from the Google Play Store