SwiftKey 4.3 dropped the beta tag in early November and it looks like the next release has arrived. The folks at SwiftKey have announced beta 4.4, which is arriving with what they are referring to as a simpler installer. Basically, it looks like SwiftKey team was able to cut down on some of the steps required during the installation and setup process.

To that point, there really isn’t much else involved with this latest beta release. Details coming from the SwiftKey blog mention how they are “unveiling a streamlined installer process that’s shorter and simpler.” Bottom line here, if you are an existing SwiftKey user, you will likely want to stick with your current installation.

On the flip side, if you happen to know someone that was avoiding SwiftKey because of the installation process, now may be a good time to give them a heads up. That said, the new SwiftKey installation process goes from enabling the beta, to selecting the beta to getting better predictions (as seen in the image sitting above).

In comparison, the previous setup was a five-step process that began with choosing a language. Once you picked your language you went on to enable SwiftKey then set it as your default keyboard. From that point you were also given options to setup and begin using SwiftKey Cloud and SwiftKey Flow.

Anyway, the latest beta release can be found using the source link sitting below.

SOURCE: SwiftKey