Black Friday is a day dedicated to deals. Shoppers wander around in a turkey induced stupor looking to grab insane deals for themselves and loved ones. Well, you can actually get some good savings without walking out of your house and braving the crowds thanks to generous app creators on Google Play. The popular keyboard application known as SwiftKey 3 is available for 50% off for Black Friday. Who doesn’t love saving money and getting an awesome application at the same time?

SwiftKey 3 usually runs $3.99 but for this special sale you can grab it for $1.99. You can pick up the phone or tablet version for half price today only. SwitftKey 3 is a fantastic app for typing on your Android. It understands how words work together and makes typing a lot quicker and more efficient. If you want to try out SwiftKey 3 before taking the plunge, they offer a free version to give you a feel for what the app is all about. SwiftKey also offers Google’s voice dictation for typing.

Besides making the app half off for SwiftKey 3, they also recently announced that they are bringing SwiftKey Flow to the market to go head to head with the popular Swype keyboard. It combines the predictive power of SwiftKey with the ease of use of gliding your finger over the screen to type. It is in private beta right now, and hopefully, it will available to rest of us soon.

SwiftKey is definitely making some big moves. They are clearly trying to be the number one third-party keyboard provider for Android devices. If you are looking to save a little money, jump on this deal while it’s still good. If you wait too long, it’s going to jump back to full price!