Back in August during IFA 2011, we talked a bit about the 3D game converter that LG was showing off at the show. The game converter is intended to allow the owners of the LG Optimus 3D smartphone to turn all their 2D video games into 3D games on the fly. That will mean that all of your favorite games can now be enjoyed in 3D.

Optimus 3D owners in Europe will be able to get the new converter in the first Maintenance Release (MR) this month. LG notes that over the next few weeks the MR will be rolled out to other countries allowing other owners to get in on the 3D gaming action. The 3D Game Converter from LG is the first software engine that allows the conversion of Open GL-based 2D games to 3D and then back again at any time.

LG says that the only requirement for the game engine to work is that the game runs Open GL and uses landscape mode. In the future LG will add more cool features to the Optimus 3D. The features will include a 3D video editor that runs on the device, 2D viewing of 3D videos in single screen mode, Dolby Mobile sound, and automatic 2D video stabilization. The game converter can be installed using WiFi by checking for software updates or via a computer.



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