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All is well that ends well. Amazon and Google appear to be in good terms now as YouTube is supported on Fire TV while Prime Video can now be played on Android TV and Chromecast. After a series of discussions over several years, these apps are ready to be used on different platforms without any problem. We remember the Amazon Prime Video app being ready for Android TV download but it wasn’t working. A few years before that particular launch, Amazon banned both Apple TV and the Google Chromecast for some reason.

The issue between Google and Amazon are being cleared. Chromecast was made available on Amazon in time for the 2018 holidays. So if you have Android TV or Chromecast, you’ll be able to enjoy Prime Video. Owners of Fire TV will have no more problem in playing videos on YouTube.

Amazon Prime members are provided unlimited access to movies, TV shows, and Amazon Originals. We suggest you check the gallery and see what original titles you can enjoy. Chromecast users are given such access to more than 2,000 apps for games and other content. Download the Prime Video app to your TV and start enjoying more content. Chromecast Ultra users can access more titles.

Prime Video access will soon be offered access to more Android smart TVs, streaming devices, and set-top boxes. Download the Prime Video app on your TV and Youtube to different Fire TV devices. Fire TV models include the following: Fire TV Edition smart TVs, Fire TV Stick Basic Edition, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick 4, and the Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen).

No need to explain further what YouTube offers. It still is the top video sharing site where you can enjoy music, movies, news, TV shows, and content from different creators. YouTube TV and YouTube Kids will also be available in other devices later this 2019. We’ll update you once ready.


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