It seems to reason that we are going to see plenty of Bluetooth accessories at CES. These will include the basics, such as speakers — both for in-car use and also for use around the house. And well, it looks like SuperTooth has come forward ahead of CES with an announcement for the HD-Voice and the Disco Twin speakers.

Beginning with details on the HD-Voice, this one is deigned for in-car use. The HD-Voice will be priced at $89 and bring features to include a pair of speakers and also a pair of microphones. Additionally, the HD-Voice will have support for 12 languages which really just means that you will be able to hear the voice feedback for items such as caller announcements, battery status, connection status and GPS instructions in the language of your choosing.

Moving over to the Disco Twin and we find a pair of Bluetooth speakers. These will be selling (as a pair) for $199 and with 16 watts of RMS audio power per speaker for a total of 32 watts combined. These speakers will each have a double speaker set-up in the front as well as a bass reflex system in the back. According to the folks at SuperTooth, the Disco Twin speakers will have enough juice to power up to 10 hours of “moderately played tunes” or up to 3 to 4 hours of continuous playback.

That all being said, while SuperTooth has been pretty forthcoming in terms of specs and pricing, they have yet to mention anything in terms of a release date. Of course, maybe they are holding that bit for CES. After all, SuperTooth will be displaying these new speakers along with their previously announced models such as the Melody headphones, the Disco 2 and Disco.