So it seemed that the earlier release of SuperSU 2.78 (that was SR4) had compatibility issues with a few devices which released their Nougat firmware just recently. So the legendary Chainfire has put out SuperSU 2.78 SR5 to fix these issues. In addition, Chainfire also put out a special version of SuperSU 2.78 for the HTC 10.

Chainfire revealed that the earlier release of SuperSU 2.78 lead to some firmware issues. Specifically, there were some devices that had Wi-Fi, cellular, and other modem-related features not working. The developer explained that this was due to the modifications that SuperSU makes to SELinux combined with stricter service execution rules in Nougat – some scripts were not being executed.

On the very complicated HTC 10 firmware, the earlier version of SuperSU 2.78 resulted to bootloops. These things are all fixed now in SR5, except for the HTC 10 issue, for which Chainfire created a separate installer specific only for the said device.

Other changes in this release are noted at the source link below, so read more after the jump. The download links for the new release are also available via the same link.

SOURCE: Chainfire