We told you about Chainfire putting out some SuperSU boot-to-root images for Android 7.1 Nougat on Google’s new Pixel smartphones. Apparently, the TWRP custom recovery designed for the same system breaks SuperSU’s images so it’s going to be a problem if you want to keep systemless root access and flash TWRP at the same time. But the solution from Chainfire has arrived today with SuperSU 2.78 SR4.

Most Android aficionados will know that the code for booting up your Android and the recovery share a boot image. So getting SuperSU and TWRP to work with each other requires some sleight of hand, but that is now history with SuperSU 2.78 SR4. The functionality of SuperSU working with TWRP was actually available in early versions of Chainfire’s Nougat root, but was set aside to keep file size lower. It was just a matter of bringing it back.


Apart from this welcome new feature, the update also adds fixes to SuperSU’s installer script so that it can continue to work around the differences between the boot-to-root/CF-Auto-Root environment and TWRP. Chainfire leaves some specific instructions when flashing SuperSU through TWRP or using the boot-to-root image. Check out the source link below for the complete instructions.

The download links are also available via the link below. We don’t need to remind you to back up your data before attempting these hacks, but we will. It might just cost you valuable stuff.

SOURCE: +Chainfire