Modding and tweaking HTC smartphones is always bound to be a chore since the Taiwan-based manufacturer uses its infamous S-ON/S-OFF feature. Bootloader unlocking will give you access to some of the essential partitions, but having S-OFF status will allow you to access more partitions, essentially allowing you to do more and tweak more. That is, if you are able to get S-OFF status.

The only third-party way of gaining S-OFF – the “s” stands for “security”, if you must know – in most HTC devices is a little app called the SunShine tool. It costs USD$25.00, and the license you purchase will only allow you to use it for one device only, but it will give you almost complete freedom to do what you please with the software in your HTC device.

The SunShine tool works for the HTC U11 with Android Nougat. Upon the recent update that HTC rolled out to Android Oreo for the U11, the SunShine tool’s S-OFF capability broke. Now the developers have announced that S-OFF is now possible in Android Oreo for the HTC U11, and so tweaking is now possible again.

Check out the newest version of the app, and remember you can only use the license you purchase for one device only. Use it how many times you want on that same device to get S-OFF status, because you may need multiple uses to get your specific tweaks to work on the HTC U11.