New HTC flagship to be called the HTC O2, SD820 inside

There have been worrying signs for HTC regarding the sales of their current flagship, the HTC One M9 – mainly, they’re not selling a lot of it. There’s just not enough interest generated for the flagship phone that they released early in the year, and that’s cause for concern financially for the Taiwan-based outfit. This is why rumors of a new, redesigned flagship from HTC came out, possibly to be announced this October, and now they say it will be named the HTC O2.

NextBit to launch first smartphone this September 1

Are there too many smartphone brands in the market? Yes. Is there room for another new kid on the block? Apparently yes. Will they succeed in making even a small dent in the market or even just consumer awareness? That remains to be seen or as they say, TBD. But NextBit is banking on the fact that they have former Google and HTC vets running the company, and now that they’re set to launch their first smartphone this September, they are excited to show everyone what they’ve got.

HTC reportedly pushing ads masked as notifications in One devices

While we’ve accepted the fact that advertising on the Internet is practically everywhere, particularly in free games or apps, we don’t like it when something is pushed to us without our permission, or if it is in something that we paid for and is not subsidized at all. Some owners of the HTC One M9, M8, and M7 models are quite unhappy now, as it seems the OEM is pushing ads that are seemingly shown as notifications but is in fact marketing something we didn’t give permission to do so.

Rumored HTC Desire 828w gets TENAA certification in China

While there is still no official announcement from HTC regarding the existence of a variation of their HTC Desire 828, the fact that the Desire 828w has received a TENAA certification in China may have sealed the deal in our heads. Of course this doesn’t make it 100% sure, but at least we know that HTC seems to be on its way to strengthening their midrange line of smartphones that can compete with the more popular brands in the region like Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Huawei.

HTC One M9 gets the Goldgenie treatment

As with the past HTC One models and perhaps as a tradition, the latest HTC One M9 flagship phone is getting the Goldgenie treatment. After the HTC One, One M8, and the One Mini getting luxury models, it's the HTC One M9's turn to have the gold, platinum, and rose gold versions from Goldgenie. The company has been known to give smartphones new luxury coating made especially for those who can afford them.

CM12.1 for HTC One M9 drops at XDA, still unofficial

So it’s not official, but it’s there and available just the same. For the lot of you who are totally done with the Sense UI on your HTC One M9 and want to switch to something more AOSP-like – say like, CM12 probably – then we’re happy to tell you that such a thing now exists over at XDA forums. Cue mass rejoicing from HTC One M9 owners.

‘Real-life’ usage opinions on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 on YouTube

Damir Franc is a tech enthusiast and he has taken to YouTube to post his opinions of the much-maligned and embattled Qualcomm product, the Snapdragon 810, based on real-life usage. Arguably, it is your real-life experiences with your digital products that matter – all these tech pundits can probably just eat their words if compared to what users say they experience on a day-to-day basis.

HTC Grip launch postponed, deferred to later this year

People were looking forward to taking a look at the first wearable that HTC was launching, the HTC Grip fitness band, a partnership with sports brand Under Armour. First introduced back at the World Mobile Congress last March, the Grip was supposed to be the first in a line of health-related wearable devices, but it seems that the Taiwanese OEM has changed its mind and would like to go back to the drawing board instead of releasing something that may have been half-baked.
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