We mentioned back in December when SugarSync released the the v2.0 update in beta form and as of a bit more recently — that app has graduated from beta and is now available in the Google Play Store. One point worth noting with the version number though, v2.0 refers to SugarSync as a service. The Android app itself has jumped to version 4.0.0. Either way, a SugarSync app update is available.

More than just an app update, SugarSync 2.0 as a whole means goodies such as easier navigation, drag and drop setup, an improved photo experience, cloud search of personal and shared data and the SugarSync Drive which is a virtual drive that makes accessing files on your desktop a bit quicker and a bit easier. This Android app update ties all these features (and the new look) in on the mobile side.


Many of the desktop features cross over to the mobile side. For example, mobile users get the same cloud search. They can also sync folders from SugarSync to the SD card. Other perks for SugarSync on the mobile side include an improved photo gallery with larger thumbnails as well as thumbnail images for most popular video formats. This app update also brought some performance improvements and battery life optimizations. Aside from the new perks, SugarSync retains the features that made it nice — it still gives on the go access to the files that you sync from your computer as well as the ability to automatically back of any pictures or videos that you take with your Android device.


As a SugarSync user I will say that this is a welcomed update for Android. Of course, that comes as someone that had been running the v2.0 beta on my Mac for a while now. Basically, the app still performs just as well as it always had for me, it is just that it now looks that much nicer when doing so. Plus, the new layout feels a bit easier to navigate. You can swipe to the right to gain access to the left hand menu which is basically your home page. From that menu you have quick access to all your content as well as images, shortcuts and any synced content. This menu also gives easy access to sharing and your recent activity.


You may also want to dive into the settings where a few key options are located. For one, you can have the app always show the menu at launch. You can also set a pin code, which depending on what you are syncing from the desktop, that may be a good idea. The settings is also the place where you can adjust the sync time interval, the auto sync folder options and the automatic backup options.

All said and done, SugarSync may be just another of the many cloud style services, however as someone that has been a long time user — I am more than convinced it is a good option. With that, SugarSync users get 5GB of storage for free and have options to increase that limit with paid accounts. And of course, SugarSync has apps available on a wide variety of platforms.

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