SugarSync announced the 2.0 beta back in mid-November. Current users have had the option to upgrade to the new (still in beta) versions on the desktop and the web and as of today, you now have the option to run the beta app on your Android handset. The one catch, the app is not yet available from Google Play and instead will need to be downloaded and sideloaded.

That being said, for those not as familiar with the SugarSync 2.0 update, it arrived as a complete redesign that according to SugarSync, had “one burning goal for the redesign – improved ease of use.” And well, similar to the beta release of SugarSync 2.0 for the desktop and web, the Android app has a completely new look.


Anyway, back to the beta Android app. Those choosing to use this release can grab the APK from SugarSync (link below) and will notice changes to include Cloud Search, a redesigned photos tab, the ability to upload and sync files from your SD card and a “simple and modern navigation.” In short, you will be getting new features and a new look.

Furthermore, as this release is still in beta — it is not yet complete. That can mean that you may see an issue or two, but perhaps more important is that it also means more features will be introduced. So far SugarSync has also promised that they will be adding the ability to upload files to SugarSync directly from other Android apps, the ability to search shared folders, a list of recent activity and some performance improvements.

[via SugarSync]