If you own a Steam Controller that you use for mobile gaming, this might be good news for you. A firmware update is rolling out to this specific device from Steam in anticipation of the upcoming Steam Link app. This firmware update is included in the Steam Client Beta and includes the option to add the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity function to your Steam Controller. You’ll have to do a bit of work to update the firmware, but you’ll probably be glad you did.

The new BLE functionality for the Steam Controller is required by the upcoming Steam Link app, and for that alone, you would want to do the update. Steam Link will allow game streaming to your Android device, so if that’s something you see in your future, best to do the update. The BLE connectivity is also great for wirelessly connecting your Steam Controller to your Android device and not using your smartphone or tablet’s USB port.

This update will probably rollout officially soon, but to get it early, you will need to opt in to the Steam Client Beta app. After that, connect your Steam Controller to the PC or Mac computer where you have the Steam Client Beta installed. Upon connection, you will be prompted for the firmware update.

Just a small note, the firmware update will clear all your current pairings, so you are required to reconnect the Wireless Receiver to your controller once the update is done. But that is a small price to pay for BLE capability.



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