Steam has always been a great source of some of our most favorite games. We always check the site for new titles and sales where we can avail of big discounts. Steam is always on our mind but we haven’t really thought about the app itself–if it’s being upgraded or if a new one is available. Recently announced are two new apps: the Steam Video app and the Steam Link app. That’s two and not just one so we’re excited to know what they can offer the gaming community.

Steam will launch the pair in a couple of weeks. They are expected to extend the services and improve the accessibility of Steam so anyone can access and preview the extensive Steam library that lists all games available for Android phones, tablets, and smart TV. The Steam Link app will show the library while connected to the Internet. This also includes support for MFI controllers, Steam Controller, and other similar devices on different platforms.

There’s also the Steam Video app that shows available movies and shows for download. You can get the mobile app and see what’s available right on your smartphone when you’re connected via LTE or WiFi. In the future, streaming and offline modes will be possible so you can enjoy more content without having to download larger files.

The apps developed by Valve will launch by May 21. The Steam Link will only work if your computer and smartphone are connected to the same wired Ethernet or 5Ghz network.

Download Steam from the Google Play Store