We have another product that’s similar to the Osmo Mobile. Here is the Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabilizer, a new project listed on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. We have no doubt this will go into production because with still less than two months to go before the fundraising deadline, the group behind it has already hit over $116,000 when the goal is only $100,000.

This accessory will be very helpful to those who like to capture trivial and special moments. Those in mobile videography and photography will love this mount as it allows them to move freely and still record quality videos. The name Steadicam is familiar to videographers but it’s only now that it is getting a more compact version for a more commercial and mass reach. The Steadicam Volt is said to reduce shakes by stabilizing the phone camera.

The Steadicam Stabilizing technology enables the ordinary mobile device user or the amateur to record memories in a more convenient and professional way. At the recently concluded 2017 CES Innovation Awards, the project was recognized in the competition honouring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

About 748 backers have already signed up and sent their pledges, believing the product will continue the tradition of Steadicam. Making this another winner is the folding and lightweight design, haptic control, partner iOS and Android app, and easy storage and transportation. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable Lithium ion batteries, dual operating modes, and manual mode. This Steadicam stabilizer can be used with most smartphones that won’t go over 58 to 80mm wide and a weight of 200g.

SOURCE: Kickstarter


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