You know how football fans and baseball fans love apps specific to their sports. These apps update them of news and game scores when their away from their TV screens so that they can jump for joy when their team scores or wail in sorrow in defeat. That is now possible for people who follow eSports – and specifically competitive StarCraft gaming, with this new app by Blizzard called “StarCraft WCS”.

Specifically StarCraft WCS is an app for following the upcoming StarCraft II World Championship Series, if you were planning to do just that. The app has a navigation drawer for access to different elements of the app. It features match schedules, results, and ongoing standings. There’s also a section for news about the tournament. The app is styled to look like the menus in the game itself.

Most importantly, it will give you live streams of ongoing games. The live matches will start on June 17th, and at that time you’ll be able to catch the live stream from within the app. The app will even notify you so you don’t miss a game. But even when you miss a game, those can be viewed later on-demand. Previous matches are already available in the app if you want to check them out.

The app is already available for download now via the Google Play Store, so check it out from the link below. It’s free to download, of course.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store