Clash of Clans fans would be happy to know that the Star Wars Commander is now available on Android. You see, a Star Wars game similar to the famous Clash of Clans could be more addicting than ever. But then again, game developer said this is different from Clash of Clans so there is no need to compare. Anyway….

Star Wars Commander lets you lead troops to victory and battle on distant planets. Players are challenged to build a base and recruit an unstoppable force across the Star Wars universe. It’s up to you to choose which side: the Rebel Alliance or the Galacti c Empire. Choose to control the galaxy or rally for justice and freedom.

After some time, who knows, you will be promoted as a powerful battlefield commander. While playing the game, you can also choose to call on Princess Leia and Han Solo to build and defend your base. If you have more time, train the troops and fortify base with more defenses, heavy artillery, turrets, and deflector shields, or just about any weapon available to protect the galaxy.

Star Wars Commander Android App

Most of the action come with countdown timer. You can speed things up by using premium in-game currency. Game may be free for download but you might be tempted to do in-app purchases. The app has been on iOS the past weeks but it’s only now the Android gamers can enjoy the same strategy game with all the Storm Troopers and the Wookies.

Return to Tatooine and see for yourself how the Star Wars Commander can be as addicting as any strategy game today. Download app from the Google Play Store. Game requires Android 0S 2.3.4 or above.

VIA: Android Police