The ‘Hitman: Sniper’ game for mobile has returned the franchise to its roots a few years ago. The game was updated with more exciting adventures and last year, it received a new Death Valley Challenge Mode. We know the game has many fans and we’re guessing more will be part of the community as the title is now offered free on the Play Store.

This free Hitman: Sniper game is available only until December 27. See for yourself what’s in Montenegro. It’s gonna be a “Merry Hitmas” because of the Merry Maker rifle’s return. New Mastery bonus has been added while there are five new levels for the Exorcist Crossbow. This version also includes better leaderboard visuals that you can now fully reset.

The Hitman: Sniper will challenge you to become the ultiamte silent assassin. As Agent 47, you are called to develop strategic skills and perfect your assassination kill shot. The Death Valley is the perfect mode to practice your skills and speed. It’s a non-stop action adventure that will go on and on until you are dead tired.

This game features over 150 missions and 10 contracts that will challenge you to the core. Don’t worry, there are 16 guns you can use and collect to help in your numerous missions.

Download Hitman Sniper from the Google Play Store