Hitman fans rejoice! If the recently launched Hitman GO mobile version (or perversion if you will) has left you cringing, then list latest announcement from Square Enix might be the cure for that. Hitman Sniper goes back to the original nature of the game and has you carrying out contracts from the perspective of Agent 47 himself.

Hitman GO was a rather risky and bold move to take the hit title and try to make it fit in a mobile gaming context. But rather than a direct sequel of the game, Square Enix decided to give it a big twist. The game is transformed into a turn-based strategy affair, with visuals that have more in common with dioramas and board games than with the original games. Fresh and surprising, Hitman GO most likely polarized the Hitman fan community.

Hitman: Sniper is less likely to be as divisive, as it clearly employs familiar mechanics and visuals. This time, you will feel, look, and act like a sniper, but as with the previous Hitman games, you will have many options available in how you carry out contracts. This, according to Square Enix, gives the game replayability, allowing you to practice on the same set of skills or look for other possible means to fulfill your mission. From the teaser below, it is apparent that the game will employ a first-person perspective, at least when sniping. Square Enix promises that the game will be built for touch and it will be interesting to see just how it will implement that.

Hitman: Sniper isn’t scheduled to come out until later this year. It will first make its public debut at E3 at LA next week. The game will be offered for free but Square Enix isn’t shy to admit that there will be in-game purchases, though it claims those will be for purely optional upgrades and perks and not for anything substantial in the game.

SOURCE: Square Enix