We’ve just received an invite to an event that’ll be taking place at the beginning of next month, June 9th 2011 at 30 minutes after noon all the way over in New York. We’ll be there with bells on, of course, and we’ll be bringing you all the coverage your heart can handle sooner than anyone else – you can bank on it! Meanwhile, lets talk a little bit about what they might be revealing as this event.

One of our first notions is that this is the Photon 4G, device that would effectively be a re-branding of the DROID X2 that’s currently sitting pretty with Verizon. Take a look at our full review of that device courtesy of Cory. That would certainly be an alright move by Sprint, yes? A new dual-core never hurt anybody.

The other option, one that may be one in the same with the Photon, is an ATRIX 4G-like device with “better dock accessories.” This is what we’ve been tipped off to by the underground. What would that be? Could it be a dual-core phone with accessories that work and have worked since the DROID X? Did you know that DROID X accessories work with DROID X2 handsets? How does that seem to you? Would you like a Sprint 4G version of the X2?

ALSO note that the theme of the invite is black lines and squares of color. This might just be a stylistic choice on the part of the designer of the invite itself, but it does remind one of Piet Mondrian‘s paintings. Maybe the Motorola Mondrian or Sprint Square 4G is in order.

We’ll let you know!