We’re sitting here with our notepads out, our magnets and our divining rods, OUIJA boards and dirt-mall-psychics, all of it together to put together the pieces on what Sprint might be bringing us during the utterly gigantic 2 and a half hour time slot they’ve got us slated for at CTIA in a couple weeks. Incase you do not know, 2.5hours for an event such as this is a long time, long enough to announce several new products – new Android products. We had our eyelids open this afternoon when Engadget was tipped anonymously on several new phones including an EVO View, Nexus S 4G, and EVO 3D – now we’ve got some extra clues that might just thread the needle.

These clues come in the form of web addresses sitting on the back of Sprint. First there’s http://now.sprint.com/evo3d, then there’s http://now.sprint.com/evoview and http://now.sprint.com/nexus. Depending on where you’re located, it seems, these pages either redirect you back to Sprint’s main page, or they show you a sticky-note fellow who says nothing more helpful to you than “Oops… We’re not quite ready yet. But come back because this page will be ready soon.”

Our first thought is – that’s silly, I bet that happens on no matter what page you go to just so long as it’s not a real address. Nope. When you go anywhere that’s a broken address, say you add “123” to the end of any of the addresses above, Sprint leads you to a “that ain’t even real” page. You know what that means? It means we can look forward to an EVO device that’ll be able to record and display 3D content, an EVO device that’s closer to a tablet than it is to a smartphone, and a Nexus S 4G, all of them hanging out on Sprint’s lovely network. All of this is conjecture of course, but they’re all right in line with where the market currently would put them in a great place to sell off the shelves – so if it speaks like a horse, it is a horse, right?

[via Phonescoop]