With Verizon rolling out their 4G LTE network in over 200 cities this year, and the inevitable rumor mill of a 4G iPhone on the horizon, wireless telecom Sprint isn’t sitting on their laurels.  In an effort to shore up their lead on the superfast 4G network race, Sprint will be adding more 4G supported Android devices this year. With a current offering of about twenty 4G devices, Sprint will be bumping up their Android4G offerings to more than seventy percent of their mobile catalog.

Though details are sketchy as to models at this point, Sprint recently announced availability of the Evo Shift 4G,  three other 4G phones, and a 4G enabled netbook powered by Dell.  Sprint also recently announced availability Kyocera’s Dual Screen Android Phone known as the “Echo,” which we covered in detail yesterday.   Look for phones to start rolling out this Spring.

[via The Wall Street Journal]