We’re live at Sprint’s special event in New York with David Blaine the magician / illusionist and the wait for the strangest announcement in recent memory has begun with an announcement that the David Blaine segment will not be allowed to be filmed or photographed. Too much magic wrecks cameras anyway. In fact, there’s to be no photography of anything during the entire event – yeah right. The event begins with David Blaine in a big tank of water, and goes on to reveal him let a fish out of his mouth, to which a woman screams “A FISH!”

David Blain then opened a book, from whens several more fish escape, and lights a cigar (LED lights more than likely) and blows smoke. Blaine continues by pouring wine underwater, and seems to continue to hold his breath underwater. Next, Blain waves a cloth around, there’s a lovely ocean soundscape going on, and there’s a bunch more fish appearing out of nowhere.

Hopefully there will be something more like a device revealed during this event, but just seeing this magic has made it worth the trip. We’re suspicious that this might be a coverup for a less than amazing product. Or maybe the opposite?