Spotify is in the process of rolling out the latest update for Android. There is not a huge changelog this time around, but this update should be welcomed by those who like to download (cache) tracks for offline playback. Simply put, Spotify is making it easy for users to download their entire music collection.

Once you have the latest version of Spotify downloaded and installed you’ll be able to download your collection with a few swipes and taps. Begin by swiping in from the left and choosing the Your Music option. From here tap on Songs and then swipe up to the top of the page. At this point tap the Available Offline button to begin the download process.

The obvious catch here is that you’ll want to make sure you have the available storage space before you begin. Perhaps more important is making sure you are setup and ready to get this update. Remember, Spotify had a bit of an incident towards the end of last month that prompted them to roll-out a completely new app.

For reference, this Play Store link is for the old (and now unsupported version), and this link is for the current (and supported) version of Spotify. If you are an active Spotify user you’ll want to make sure you are up to date and have the correct version installed as this will pave the way for all future updates.

VIA: Cult of Android