Spotify just got hacked, but it got lucky this time. The company reported investigating a suspicious and unauthorized intrusion into the system and internal data, revealing that one and only one user was the target of the incident.

That user also got lucky. According to the company, none of the user’s critical information, like password or payment information, was taken, which is a rather strange and rare occurrence. Perhaps said user was just a victim of a targeted prank or retaliation. Or it could also be that someone, or some people, are just testing the waters of Spotify’s security system. In any case, Spotify has contacted the affected user and is keeping an eye out for future attempts.

At the same time, as part of its steps to address the issue, it will be rolling out an update to the Spotify Android app. The exact connection between this security incident and the Android app isn’t explicitly mentioned, so we can only surmise that the breach was caused by an exploit in the app. Other platforms are reportedly not affected and will not have any updates coming.

Some users might find themselves locked out of their accounts until the update is installed, in which case they will be given directions on how to get that update. The update does one bring one inconvenience. Offline playlists will disappear after the update and will have to be marked as offline and downloaded again, which could be a major pain if you have quite a number of those in the older version of the Spotify app.

SOURCE: Spotify
VIA: SlashGear