Today we have some excellent news for the thousands of you who still use Spotify on Android. The app received a rather nice software update nearly a year ago that changed and improved the entire user interface. However, one major problem was landscape mode was missing. It’s safe to say that was a huge oversight for the many people using their phones in landscape car docks and more.

Fast forward to today, yes a year later, and Spotify has finally updated their Android app this afternoon with one small improvement. The only thing listed on the changelog is the addition of landscape mode. Now we’ve been huge fans of Spotify here at Android Community, but this update should have arrived within a few weeks. Not a year later.

I don’t know about you guys, but the day Google announced Play Music All Access for $7.99 I signed up. A few days later the Spotify account got closed and it runs out later this month. This update is just too late, not to mention we still don’t have expandable notifications and controls like nearly every other music app available today. Spotify really needs to get on the ball here.

Sadly Google Music All Access is for the U.S only at this point, so Spotify and Rdio are both still extremely popular options that many will continue to use. However, I myself have made the switch. That’s about all we have from Spotify today. You can still get 48 hours free by signing into Facebook with Spotify, but that isn’t new. Give it a try today from the link below. So who still uses Spotify, or do you get your musical riffs elsewhere?

SOURCE: Play Store