As promised, Spotify has started rolling out the offline playback for Wear OS devices that they previously announced. Some users on Reddit started posting that they’re seeing the feature on the latest update for their smartwatches and the music streaming giant has confirmed that they have started bringing it to devices running on Wear OS 2.0. The feature will let users store music and podcasts on their wearable so they can go work out even without the connected smartphone with them.

A few days ago, Spotify revealed that they would be bringing offline playback for Wear OS device including the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Users will be able to download and play offline playlists, albums, and podcasts from the platform and listen from your connected earbuds or earphones even without your smartphone present. This would be highly convenient for those running outside or walking around the house.

There are a couple of conditions for you to be able to enjoy offline playback though. First, your smartwatch needs to be running on Wear OS 2.0 or newer already. Second, only Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to download albums and playlists for offline listening. Spotify Free users can still download but playlists and podcasts will only be on shuffle mode and the smartwatch needs to be connected to WiFi or have cellular connection..

A Reddit user posted that their Oppo Watch got the Spotify update that brings the feature. The initial feedback is that playing Spotify offline causes a huge battery drain and that the music quality is not that great. In particular with the wearable, there was sound stuttering although that may also be an issue with the connected earbuds. The download for offline playback doesn’t seem to start on LTE as well.

Hopefully, these are just initial issues for this feature and that a later update will be able to correct and improve it. If you have a smartwatch running on Wear OS 2.0 and newer, check out your Spotify app if you’re able to see this feature already.