Spotify Car Thing Smart Player

Spotify has been busy recently. It’s a favorite subject here almost weekly. The year started with the launch of Spotify Kids and the news that it was testing out more audiobooks as part of non-music programming. It has expanded in 85 new markets and now supports 36 languages. We also saw that home screen bringing more personalized features and wake word for hands-free listening. Just the other day, there was the “Hey Spotify” in-app voice command and the rumor about a Spotify Car Thing.

The rumor turns out to be true as Spotify Car Thing is now official. Spotify has been exploring on new areas and new products and the result is the Car Thing which is smart player for the car. It will be on a limited release.

It’s a small device to be used inside a vehicle. It’s ready to fill your car with your favorite music, entertainment, news, and podcasts. It looks like a smartphone but this one comes with physical controls.

The Spotify Car Thing allows seamless transition from another device. No need to bring or attach your phone because the Car Thing will start from where you left off. Your vehicle doesn’t even have to be the latest model for this to work–you only need an Internet connection.

A more personalized in-car listening experience is offered by the Car Thing. It offers access to Spotify’s entire library of podcasts and music. You can say it’s an in-car infotainment system but the company doesn’t aim to rival those units already out in the market.

The Spotify Car Thing offers voice control for easy access, a touchscreen display, four preset buttons, and physical dial for hands-on control. The latter also lets you select, browse, play, pause, or discover new audio content on the Car Thing. It’s only a limited release so there is that certain feel of exclusivity. If you’re an avid Spotify user, this will be good for you.

Spotify Car Thing Smart Player Features

This Car Thing from Spotify will be available on an invite-only basis in the United States. It’s actually free for select Spotify users, specifically, Spotify Premium subscribers. You will still need mobile data or WiFi connection for it to work. There’s no word how many units will be available but every eligible subscriber can only receive one Spotify Car Thing.


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