If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you might get surprised when you open your app today (well, if the app has been updated of course) and go to Your Library. That’s because they have brought a refresh to this section of the app, bringing your Music and Podcasts together in one place. They have made things more seamless, personalized, and streamlined, making it easier to switch between the two and also the various sections under both. All you have to do is toggle between your tabs and sections.

When you go to Your Library, you’ll now see two major headings, Music and Podcasts and you just have to toggle between the two. When you go to Music, all of your albumbs, songs, and playlists are still there but they’ve just made everything more streamlined. There is the Playlists, Artists, and Albums sections. Under Playlists, you’ll see at the top your “liked songs” playlist where all the songs that you’ve previously liked or hearted can be found. Under Artists are all the ones you’ve followed and under Albums are all the albums you’ve “hearted”.

The Podcast section brings a lot of improvements to your podcast listening experience on Spotify, which hasn’t been that great before now to be honest. But now you get more control over how you listen to it with three sections. Under Episodes, you can resume listening to the last one you listened to plus find new episodes you want to listen to.

The Downloads tab on Podcasts is for all those that you obviously downloaded and can listen to offline. And of course the Shows tab has all of the podcasts that you regularly listen to or subscribe to. It helps you manage the podcasts themselves and explore past episodes as well.

The refreshed Spotify Your Library section has started rolling out to users. However, you need to be a Spotify Premium subscriber of course to see this.