Who is ready for more Android-controlled robots? Today we present you with more details about that awesome robotic ball project called Sphero. We mentioned this unique product back in September and received some hands-on with Sphero shortly after, but today they are finally available for pre-order and soon you can enjoy one too.

This product may be new to many people so feel free to click the links above to understand Sphero a bit more, or head to gosphero.com for the full breakdown. Using your Android phone or tablet and a set of special applications you can completely control this little glowing ball of fury. It’s not much larger than your average pool ball, but it has full range of motion and speeds along the house or street quite fast. I just can’t wait to see how my dogs react. Sphero has even developed games such as golf as well as draw and drive, how awesome is that? We received hands-on at Pepcom and you can see that video below.

Sphero demo
[vms ed29e840b47ed72777c8]

Then for a quick demo of a few games that will be available for Sphero like mentioned above check out this awesome video. I’m excited to try golf once I get my own.

Since it was just Halloween and all we thought you’d like a little bonus video of Sphero on Halloween.

Pre-orders for the new Sphero ball went live this morning at 12:01 for a price set at $129.99 and it appears they sold pretty well as shipping now has been moved from December to early 2012 for any future pre-orders. This was the statement we received:

Paul Berberian, CEO:

We are really excited about launching pre-orders today. The team has been up since midnight making sure we are in front the community with everything running smoothly! We’re seeing a very high conversion from people who reserved early and quite the traffic coming in from the publicity. We would definitely recommend getting on top of pre-ordering if you want to received your Sphero before 2012.”

Again, to order your own just click here. While not available yet, Sphero will also be available on Amazon and the games should show up in the Android market when the device starts shipping to customers and a few of those will be called Sphero, Drive, Golf, SpheroCam, Draw N’ Drive, Blox, and Chromo. Many of those names are self explanatory and will be bundles of fun.

Be sure to stay tuned as I’ll be giving one a test drive in a full out review as soon as possible and will be sure to test out all the features, games, colors, and fun that the new Sphero robot ball has to offer.