Well folks, this is a pretty unique accessory or game for Android that has finally entered full production mode and should be available for Android coming late in 2011. This is Sphero, and you can control it with your phone or tablet. Below are some final production pictures as well as a neat hands-on video.

Essentially we have a multicolored glow in the dark tennis ball that is completely controlled by your Android device. There is much, much more to this entire project and that is more of a simple term for the accessory. Sphero is an electronic polycarbonate ball that glows different colors depending on user settings and application options available and the video below should help you understand the possibilities with Sphero.

Using on-screen controls to navigate and drive the Sphero users have ultimate control. This was originally showed off at CES with many iDevices like shown in the video but it has finally reached full production level for Android and is available for pre-order from Sphero. It may not be the most practical toy but the options and development opportunities are quite large with this. Available for pre-order now on their website for $129. Some may find that a pretty large price to pay but if you intend on developing for this it’s a small price to pay for a first hand look when the device ships.

I want one to play some mini golf throughout my house and to tease the dogs.

[via Androidandme]