The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are definitely the stars this week. We won’t share more unfortunate issues but let’s see how the Pixel 2 fares against the competition. This time, it is the iPhone 8 Plus in a Speed Test by Phone Buff’s David Rahimi. If you may remember, the iPhone 8 Plus was recently compared against the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Note that the iPhone 8 Plus comes equipped with 3GB RAM, 1920 x 10080 resolution display, and runs iOS 11.0.3. The Google Pixel 2 XL sports a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM, UFS 2.1 storage, and a 2880 x 1440 resolution screen plus runs the latest Android 8.0 Nougat OS.

This practical speed test shows us what apps load faster on which phone. For the first round, the iPhone 8 Plus is the clear winner being ahead of the Pixel 2 XL. Launching all apps is finished in 1 minute and 18 seconds (1:18) while the Google phone is done in 1:25.

On the second round, nothing much has changed although the iPhone 8 Plus slows down a bit when reopening Flip Diving and Subway Surfers. It finishes after 44 seconds. The Pixel 2 XL doesn’t catch up but still finishes after 46 seconds.

Total time for each smartphone is 2:10 for the Google Pixel 2 XL and 2:05 for the iPhone 8 Plus. Once again, the iPhone 8 Plus wins the Speed Test.

SOURCE: PhoneBuff