A nice 3D interface certainly makes our smartphones and tablets look better and one of the firms we have talked about a few times called SPB Software is being purchased by another firm called Yandex. The move will see new 3D UIs coming to other things that Android tablets and smartphones, where we have seen SPB Software in the past.

Yandex is a leading internet company from Russia and the firm plans to take the UI talent that Yandex has and integrate the new UIs into the services it already offers. This means that uses of Yandex cloud services will eventually see nice 3D interfaces for the cloud services.

Yandex says that the purchase will also give it more opportunities to partner up with other major players in the mobile ecosystem. In short it sounds to me like we will see some new slick interfaces for cloud and other offerings that Yandex has that are feared more towards the tablet and smartphone user. The last things we talked about from SPB Software was the 3D SPB Mobile Shell for Android smartphones and tablets.