Last week at Mobile World Congress 2011 we were treated to quite the show by a developer/designer for SPB Software. The product he displayed for us was SPB Mobile Shell, a bit of software that’d up until this point only been available for Windows Phone (who clearly did not appreciate it.) What we’ve got here is a full brand new 3D engine with what they’re calling “Natural Interactions,” which to us means it’s simply intuitive. This is an engine made to replace your current mobile homescreen with a miraculously gorgeous looking set of 3D moving panels, with which widgets can essentially come alive. You know what it reminds us of? Honeycomb.

They say it’ll have tight integration with big names like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, and it’s already on version 2.0 before it leaves the gate for Android. This system also works on Windows Mobile and Symbian, and includes features such as 3D Media Player, 3D Photo Viewer, and 3D Weather. In the video you’re about to watch, you can see a lovely 3D watch that pops up and, as the man doing the demo says, goes “chuc-chuc-chuc-chuc.” He’s totally right.

We’re still not sure when this software will be available, but if the earlier versions for Windows Mobile are any indication, it’ll cost right around $30. Harsh? Maybe. Depends on how deep it goes… and how long it’ll take for someone to hack, of course. We wish them lots of luck regardless, as they’re really very nice people to meet in real life!

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  1. great, another android near miss. Hey let’s make something great, BUT…… we are going to target oem market, so you cant get it. Why don’t you just wait a year or so.


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