When it comes to Open webOS on Android, things seem to progressing rather quickly. Open webOS isn’t even a week old yet, but within a few hours after HP released it, it was already booting on the Galaxy Nexus. Just a couple of days later we saw it booting on the Transformer Prime, and today, the source code for the Galaxy Nexus port has been posted online, so the open source community can officially go nuts.

Of course, just because the source code has been posted doesn’t mean the port is ready for prime time just yet. Obviously, there are still some problems that need to be worked out, with developers on the webOS-ports Twitter account talking specifically about video acceleration. It’s there, but as one tweet puts it, pre-alpha video acceleration is “like a baby bird…it crashes a bit after takeoff.”

Still, progress is always good, and the source code going public shows that progress is indeed being made. Though webOS Nation points out that things like camera and Bluetooth functionality are still missing from the port, we should see its development progressing at an even faster rate. After all, now that the source code has been posted online, eager developers can get their hands on it and see what improvements and tweaks they can make.

In short, expect to be hearing a lot more about these ports very soon. The floodgates have been opened, so to speak, so it won’t be long before we’re treated to more updates on the port’s development. Stay tuned.



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