It would be an understatement for us to say that MobileBits’ first SoulCraft game was a success in terms of showing mobile platform gamers what was actually possible in terms of graphics and gameplay for Android and casual games. But don’t look now, MobileBits is out with its second RPG/Action game in SoulCraft 2: League of Angels, which serves as the logical sequel to the impressive first SoulCraft game.

When we talk about RPGs and action-based games on the mobile platform, it is quite unfair to expect deep storylines and surprising twists to games like we have all expected from desktop-based RPGs. That is not to say that SoulCraft 2 is devoid of any storyline – you get to “continue your quest to save the world from the demons of the apocalypse,” as MobileBits candidly puts it. The storyline seems to develop from the game’s predecessor, but it is quite possible for casual gamers to jump directly into SoulCraft 2 as well.

There are new bits to the game, though sadly not the game logo, which suspiciously looks like Blizzard’s StarCraft 2 logo, doesn’t it? New features to the game include being able to choose your class now – there are seven types of heroes ranging from melee fighters or spell-casting mages. In the earlier version of SoulCraft, one played as an angel without hero classes. Lastly, SoulCraft 2 also has a new multiplayer element, where you can pit your character against all other players.

Admittedly, MobileBits has created a Diablo-type game that has more personality and verve than its competitors, namely Dungeon Hunter or Dark Avenger. The gameplay on this new version has enough bells and whistles to while away the few minutes or hours of your time that you can commit to casual gaming, and the features are fun enough to keep you coming back to it. The game is a convenient 200MB download from the Google Play Store, though you may want to acquire it within range of a WiFi connection. Download it via the source link.

SOURCE: Google Play Store