We love us some NVIDIA Tegra 3 devices here at Android Community, even if they are a little thin on the ground at the moment. One of the best showpieces for the ASUS Transformer Prime has been SoulCraft, a free action RPG that’s limited to the Tegra Zone, where it can show off its high-end graphics. Now developer MobileBits has released the game on the Google Play Store, so anyone with a decently powerful Android device can get in on the action.

The game comes in two flavors: SoulCraft, for standard Android devices, and SoulCraft THD, for high-powered smartphones and tablets. THD should run on most newer hardware, but keep in mind, it was developed specifically for Tegra processors. Both games are free, not because they use advertising or in-app purchases, but because they’re in an open beta test. While the THD version has some downright incredible graphics, the standard version is still pretty impressive.

Gameplay is pretty basic for an action-RPG: get through the levels by beating the crap out of anything that moves, gaining experience for more powers and abilities. You can customize your weapons, armor and magic skills to suit more powerful enemies. Real-world locations like Venice and Rome are infested with demons, which require a righteous kicking from some holy warriors. While the game’s debuting on Android, it will eventually be available for Windows, iOS and Windows Phone. (Nice to see somebody picking Android first, eh?) Check it out now for some old-school fun with a bit on next-gen polish.

[via PocketGamer]