When Sony introduced their new Xperia X series at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, people were asking if this was going to be a replacement for their flagship Xperia Z series. Sony has not said so in so many words, but now the Sony German account confirms that there will be no Xperia Z6 flagship device and that this new line is in fact the replacement for the whole Z series. However, another Sony European account seems to dispute that fact.

When someone asked on Facebook when the Xperia Z6 is coming out, since it was not introduced at the MWC, the official German account of Sony replied that there will be no such smartphone coming out. They also confirmed that the Xperia X series is set to replace the Z series and it has a different concept to meet users’ needs. But over on the Sony Bulgaria account, they say that X will not replace Z and is just a totally different smartphone line. So now we’re all the more confused.

The Xperia X series is not just about new smartphones but also includes services and other products that will let people connect, interact, and use their devices more intelligently. It is their attempt to have smarter integration in light of smart home tech. More importantly (well at least for those who are always mobile), the batteries are set to last for two days and they have ultra fast processors, plus a curved glass display screen and edge to edge display.

Now we don’t know whether Sony Germany or Bulgaria is the one telling the truth, so we’ll probably wait for the main Sony account to give the clarification. But our guess is that the recently announced Xperia X Performance is the new flagship from the Japanese OEM.

VIA: GSM Arena