Peter Dille, Sony’s Senior Vice President of marketing at SCEA, had a recent interview with CNN, and said some interesting pieces of information regarding the new Playstation Phone. While still sticking to company policy about not spitting any rumors, Dille said that the fact that there is no cellular connection on the PSP really holds back the lines of portable gaming consoles. “The PSP is a Wi-Fi device,” he said. ” People are used to having connected devices.”

He then comments on the gaming experience on current smart phones by saying they are “Time-killers” and “gamers aren’t satisfied with that.” Another encouraging fact that this phone may be a reality was when Sony spokeswoman also said “we have good relationships with Google.” Peter also said that their current vision that the Playstation Network will always be accessible can’t become a reality when the PSP is limited by Wi-Fi connection. “I don’t think we fully realize that vision with a Wi-Fi device,” Dille said. “If it’s not connected [to a cell network] then it does sort of limit people.” We won’t be jumping to any conclusions about the phone yet, but this did help shed a little light on the situation.
CNN Via [Engadget]