So Sony just recently announced its flagship for this year, the much awaited Sony Xperia Z4. The announcement was made via official press release, and the new flagship device is set to be launched this summer. All is right in the world again. But hold your horses! What is this that we’re hearing that the Xperia Z4 might only be offered in Japan, and that there will be a different Sony flagship device for the rest of the world? What is this?!?

Sources are now saying that the Japan announcement was largely due to the fact that the Xperia Z4 will be a “Japan only” thing. The company, at the very least, is said to have a different device for the international market, and that the official global announcement will be in the end of May.

Ok, so we’re ok with brands having different models for local and international markets. Samsung and LG does that. Sony can do that as well. But if this is totally NOT an Xperia Z4 and a different device altogether, how different will it be?


The practice we know of has always been borne out of different network components for different markets – as with what Samsung and LG does for their local Korean market models. Could this be the same thing? We hope so, and that it would still be an Xperia Z4. If it needs a name change, then it might not be the same gadget altogether. What do you guys think?

VIA: Phone Arena