Sony‘s latest smartphone hasn’t had time to be in the market yet but it has been rooted already. Thanks to esteemed XDA member DooMLoRD, would be owners of the Xperia Z2 will be able to root their smartphones the same day they receive it, that is, if they wanted to.

XDA’s DooMLoRD can be credited for many of the hacks and mods related to Sony Xperia devices. Now he has provided a way for users to get rooted on their upcoming Xperia Z2 and even provides a Recovery for the device. This Touch Recovery is based on ClockworkMod recovery (CWM) version Now all that root-loving users have to do is wait for the device to actually launch.


And wait they might have to, if rumors of supply shortage do pan out. Word started going around early March that Sony is experiencing some supply problems when various Sony online shops removed the device from pre-orders. Some local branches attributed this to unprecedented popularity of the smartphone. Nonetheless, the company assured that they will be shipping in time. However, the latest leak says the company is experiencing supply chain problems and might be forced to postpone its launch in the UK to May.

Whether or not the device comes on time, new owners will be able to root the Xperia Z2 when it does arrive. The Touch Recovery requires an unlocked bootloader, which hopefully won’t be a problem. Sony has been rather developer friendly in the past, providing even instructions for unlocking the bootloaders of many of their devices, including the Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z1 compact. Hopefully, Sony will, in time, add the Xperia Z2 to the roster of supported devices.

VIA: Xperia Blog