Sony and T-Mobile have created an important partnership lately. The duo have worked hand-in-hand to bring Sony’s handsets to the US, which is a needed opportunity for both. Sony’s offerings are easily one of the best, almost regardless of what they offer lately. That hasn’t changed, as both announce the Z1s will be available through the Uncarrier, starting today.

 The Xperia Z1s brings all that we like about the Xperia Z, but ups the ante where Sony thinks it matters. A 20.7MP camera finds its home on the Z1s, and Sony’s BIONZ processor does the heavy lifting on the imaging end. The camera does fun stuff like Augmented reality, where you can have Dinosaurs and such running around, as well as rapid-fire shooting for the perfect shot.

The Z1s also has a 5-inch, 1080p display, which is a touch muted, but still gorgeous. The TRILUMINOS display tech from Sony keeps it color-correct and sharp, and like most Sony handsets, is water resistant. We hesitate to say water proof, but it boasts an IP55/58 rating, so make your own designation from there.

The device will be offered with T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans, and can be had for $0 down. The $22/month you pay for the device over 24 months puts it at $528 when it’s all said and done, which isn’t half bad for a phone this good. If you need a more in-depth analysis of the device, check out our review!
VIA: SlashGear