While most of the attention is being poured over Sony’s newly revealed Xperia Z2, let us not forget about the company’s equally impressive models already out in the market. According to French carrier SFR, the latest Android 4.4.2 will finally descend in April on a trio of Sony’s latest devices, namely the Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra, and Xperia Z1 Compact.

At the height of the release of Android 4.4 KitKat last year, Sony followed other device manufacturers in promising an announcement of Android updates for various recent devices. It quickly followed up with a list of devices that will be getting the latest Android version, unsurprisingly including its Xperia Z1 flagship as well as the relatively recent Xperia Z Ultra. Considering that the miniature flagship Xperia Z1 Compact was just unveiled last month, it is also no surprise that it will be scheduled for a quick Android refresh as well.

Although there was a promise of an update, no timeline was dropped, as is always the case with these vendors. Some carriers, however, are more than willing to build up the hype. French operator SFR has once again shared with the public its estimated update schedules for various devices. Included in the list are the three Xperia smartphones mentioned which are estimated to get their Android 4.4.2 update around April. This would make them the latest to get KitKat, behind LG and Samsung in March.

We are, of course, grateful to SFR for providing such insights, but owners should not get overly excited. Aside from the fact that the schedule applies to a single carrier, which could mean different dates for other markets, SFR’s prediction abilities have sometimes been off the mark. That said, it’s still good to know the ballpark date when users can start expecting the huge update.

VIA: Xperia Blog