The brand new Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone has only been available for a few days in select countries, but we’re already starting to see reports of it receiving a quick software update. While we wait for some sort of US carrier announcement, others will be happy to know Sony looks to be on the ball with software updates and bug fixes.

The update to version “531” is reportedly being rolled out to many users across India, according to XperiaBlog, and others should be seeing something similar in the coming days or this weekend. However, we’re not getting reports from other regions, or any details regarding what exactly is in this update.

Most likely now that the device is out and in the wild, in some regions, Sony is pushing out the final shipping software with a few minor tweaks and adjustments. XperiaBlog reports bug fixes and security tweaks, but they can’t be sure yet. This might fix those camera issues we reported this week though.

One important aspect is this is mainly rolling out for the C6902, which is the HSPA+ version of the Z1, and we’ve yet to see or hear any reports that the LTE flavor is getting the same treatment. This is arriving in stages like most updates, and we’ll update if we see more details or start hearing of a broader rollout.

Who’s enjoying the new Xperia Z1 already? I’d like one from Verizon, but that won’t be happening.