It seems that the recently announced Android 4.3 update for the Sony Xperia Z1 may have a gem hiding beneath the list of new features. XDA developer DooMLoRD has just reported that the update has also fixed an old issue that affects those who have tried unlocking the smartphone’s bootloader.

Sony takes a bit of pride in how much it supports Android open source efforts and custom ROMs. It even provides official instructions on how to unlock the bootloader of quite a considerable number of its devices. Although its latest flagship, the Xperia Z1, was supposed to be included in that roster, a bug reported way back in September has caused Sony to declare it as an unsupported device for bootloader unlocking.

The unlocking instructions from Sony come with a big warning about how unlocking the Xperia Z1 will render camera functionality useless. Since then, no further word has been heard about the issue, at least until now. DooMLoRD, known in the XDA community for his work with Sony devices, has reported that the camera bug is now fixed after upgrading the device to Android 4.3. This would open the gate for work on mods for the device to pick up again.

Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t updated its website so there is still no official confirmation yet. With the Android 4.3 update still in the process of going out to users, it might still take some time before others will be able to chime in to confirm this bit of good news.

VIA: Xperia Blog