We had already known that Sony was planning to upgrade the Xperia Z to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean shortly after the official launch and as of now, it is looking like that will indeed be how things play out. Keep in mind, Sony has yet to offer a specific launch date just yet, however the update is expected to begin in March.

The details have arrived by way of the Xperia Blog and an anonymous tipster. Basically, what we have is that the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update is expected at the end of March. The update is expected to begin in Europe. And while this does not necessarily prove the timeline, these details did come along with a screenshot showing the handset running 4.2.2.


The key details such as the baseband and kernel versions have been blurred, however we are getting a look at the build number. That said, given this is an early (said to be beta) release, the build number is likely to be different once this update begins rolling out for all Xperia Z users.

As of now the build number is shown as being 11.1.A.1.450. The final release should keep the 11.1.A.x.xxx format though. Otherwise, assuming this timeline proves to be accurate we would have to commend Sony on their speed. Then again, assuming they are able to get this update out so quickly, this just proves that fast updates can be done and other Xperia users may begin to expect similar updates in the future.

[via Xperia Blog]