Sony initially released their new Xperia Tablet Z back on March 22nd in Japan, but everywhere else is still waiting for its arrival. Initial reports when they revealed the sleek slate at Mobile World Congress stated an April release, but it seems the dates been pushed back to at least late May, and could fall even further behind schedule.

Earlier this week we reported that UK retailers had pushed back their shipping dates, and now Sony themselves appear to be confirming this. Unfortunately those looking forward to getting this super-thin slate will have to wait a bit longer. Sony’s own site has pushed back the shipping dates.

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z was one of the more impressive tablets shown off this year at MWC, and after looking at our hands-on you’ll quickly know why. It’s extremely well built, sleek, thin, and looks pretty sharp. If the UK is delayed, it’s likely other regions and markets will see delays as well, but so far we haven’t heard any additional details.

We know it’s a small delay, but it’s still a setback we were hoping wouldn’t happen with such a beautiful tablet. This 10-inch 1080p full HD tablet with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean fits perfectly with that Sony BRAVIA TV, and we’re sure many of you are awaiting its arrival. We’ll update when we hear anything else regarding Xperia Tablet Z availability.

UPDATE: Per a note from Sony, the Xperia Tablet Z has always been pegged for a May release, with releases scheduled differently depending on your region of the world. Let us know if you’re pumped up!

[via XperiaBlog]



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