We may have gone hands-on with the Sony XPERIA S at CES, but who would have known the device had a few hidden features? The XPERIA S will likely come with a stain-proof exterior. Stain-proof defined means the device will be dirt repellant, and UV Active. We assume the next generation of Samsung smartphones are considering a waterproof coating in their final design. Which would you prefer?

Next up, Sony Ericsson’s product manager states that it will come with fast charging capabilities. This ‘ability’ will allow one 10 minute charge to offer 1 hour of usage. That’s not bad at all, considering how quickly a standard smartphone’s battery drains when under heavy use.

That means you should see a complete charge in under an hour. You can be sure that once we have the XPERIA S in our hands, we’ll be putting these two new features to the test. It may even come with a few other surprises, hopefully Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). To see more on the XPERIA S, be sure to check out a hands-on over at SlashGear!

[via XPERIA Blog]